Academy Elected Artists

Over its 127 years, we have seen many of the country's top artists exhibit in our Galleries. Anyone can submit work to the Academy for selection. Annually, the Academy Council may acknowledge the consistent quality of particular artists' work and their involvement with the Academy by electing them to "Elected Artist" status.


Artist member Eric Heath 'Pukeko Portraits' acrylic

Alongside a large number of practising artists, elected artist members are entitled to enter an extra work into Academy exhibitions. They can also be invited to be part of the selection committee or special exhibitions.


The Following are Elected Artists:


Bill Allan, Wellington

Jan Alldritt-Miller, Auckland

Pamella Annsouth, Kapiti Coast

Rosemary Arbuckle, Wellington

Mary Amour, Upper Hutt

Tom Armstrong, Wellington

Trevor Askin, Timaru  



Joan Beattie, Lower Hutt

  Alison Blain, Wellington    
  Anneke Borren, Wellington    

Ann Breen, Wellington

  Jennifer Browne, Wellington    

Michael Browne, Wellington

  Beryl Buchanan, Wellington    
  Helen Casey, Wellington    
  Stan Chan, Wellington    

Greg Chaston, Kapiti Coast



Alan Collins, Lower Hutt


Di Conway, Wellington

  Mark Curtis, Hamilton    


  Phil Dickson, Wellington    

Vincent Duncan, Wellington




Brian Flintoff, Nelson




John Gully, Tauranga


Mia Hamilton, Wellington


Ian Hamlin, Wellington



Mary-Annette Hay, Wellington

Suzanne Herschell, Lower Hutt


Marie Hoglund, Nelson


  Ola Hoglund, Nelson    
  Pauline Howell, Wellington    
May Iremonger, Kapiti Coast    


Juliet Kac, Palmerston North    


Sue Lund, Wellington



 Bruce Luxford, Wellington




Bill MacCormick, Rotorua



Stewart Mackay, Kapiti Coast


Vivian Manthel-French, Kapiti Coast

Wendy Masters, Kapiti Coast



Isobel McBeath, Kapiti Coast


Sarah Meads, Wellington



Alfred Memelink, Lower Hutt



Colyn Nicholls, New Plymouth




 Phil Quinn, Kapiti Coast

Jane Ross, Levin



Phyllis Simmonds, Napier



Yvonne Sloan, Auckland

  Beth Sutherland    


June Tilley, Lower Hutt



Kathleen Twigg, Hastings






David Waterman, Wellington



Albert Wong, Wellington

  Miranda Woollett, Upper Hutt    


Mary Zohrab, Kapiti Coast




For more information on any of our artists, to find out how to view or purchase one of their works click here. 



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