Art Prizes



RAFFLE No 11: drawn 14th February

"South Island Tomtit" oil on canvas by Elected Artist Member Janet Marshall 

proceeds go towards a new wheelchair ramp into gallery three


RAFFLE No 10: drawn 23rd December

"An apple a Day" ceramic by Academy Councillor Di Conway

won by M Castell-Spence of Taradale, Napier.

The proceeds have paid for the new stage, thank you to all who participated.


RAFFLE No 9: drawn October 11th

A stunning salt glazed platter by previous guest artist Eric Omundsen

proceeds go towards new lifting equipment for the gallery. 

The winner is: Kevin Brown of Cambridge


Special Raffle During SOLO 30 in addition to our Coromandel Platter.

 "Pacific Power"


A woodcut monoprint, kindly donated by local artist and art teacher Jane Hyder, diploma of Fine Arts, Massey University, and Academy councillor 2001-2003.

won by J McLay of Wellington




RAFFLE No 8: drawn August 1st

"Twilight - Wellington Harbour" a watercolour very kindly donated by Academy Artist Member and Councillor Wendy Masters.

The proceeds from this raffle will be used to purchase a new mobile wall for gallery two.

Congratulations to Mr Colin Slade of  Wellington.


RAFFLE No 7: drawn March 20th

"At an Exhibition" Stone sculpture by Academy Artist Member and Councillor Wendy Masters

Congratulations to the winner: Mrs Brennan of Wellington


RAFFLE No 6: drawn November 16th

 Congratulations to Heidi Lynch of Korokoro, the new owner of

'Looking at it Differently'; mixed media by Jeanne Macaskill.


Our thanks go to new Academy Fellow Jeanne Macaskill for her kind donation. 


RAFFLE No 5: drawn August 24th

Congratulations to Lorraine Tarrant of Wellington,

the new proud owner of 'The Swimmer' by Di Conway

Our thanks to Di Conway for the generous donation of one of her fabulous clay sculptures;


RAFFLE No 4: drawn April 23rd

Congratulations to Mr Sid Pennell of Lower Hutt, the winner of

'Rising Tide - Te Raekaihau Point' oil on canvas by Academy Vice President Ian Hamlin 


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