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Donations and Bequests: A Lasting legacy in the arts


Help protect the Academy’s unique place in the Arts for future generations


 Petrus Van der Velden 'Otira' bequeathed to the Academy in 1926


A bequest is a special gift of cash or assets left in your will to a person or organisation. Many people leave a bequest in their will to charity, A bequest to the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts can help to promote and enhance the arts for future generations to enjoy. The Academy has historically benefited from some gifts of paintings that eventually became a major part of the National Collection.. For those members who have already left a bequest it is usually in recognition of the immense amount of pleasure and enjoyment (and for some, sales) that they derived from their membership of the Academy, and convivial pleasure of meeting with other artists and craftspeople facilitated by the Academy of Fine Arts.

There are many ways your gift can be used and acknowledged that can be a lasting tribute and legacy, one of our latest projects is the installation of a humidity control system which would enable the Academy to host major exhibitions of international standards, something we have been unable to do since we left Buckle St.


To make a bequest


When making your will, it is easy to include a bequest to the Academy. Please talk about this when preparing your will with your solicitor or other adviser. If you’ve already made a will, a simple way to leave a bequest to the Academy is to alter your will by making an amendment called a codicil.


We do advise that you seek the advice of your solicitor.




All donations are gratefully received, from a small cash gift in the gallery donation box to a more substantial bequest, (we are a registered charity so donations qualify for tax rebates) - and don’t forget our annual Market Day!


To discuss any aspect of contributing to the Academy by bequest or gift, please contact our Director or President.

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