Exhibition Selection Policy


The Academy Council has agreed to the following criteria for selecting works at those exhibitions, which are open to public entry:


1. Entries must correspond with the type of work called for in the exhibition description on the entry form.  This may specify – 

  • Medium
  • Size
  • Subject matter
  • Any other parameters

If the panel considers the work is not relevant to the definitions it may not be selected, irrespective of its inherent qualities.


2.  Presentation of the work (mounting, framing, setting, etc.) must in the opinion of the panel be of a standard appropriate to the type of work and suitable for display in the Academy galleries. To be accepted for selection works must meet all conditions specified on the entry form and be ready for display.


3.  The number of works selected must be such that they can be displayed adequately in the available space.

Note: This may lead to the non-selection of large works that would otherwise be acceptable, or of a proportion of a large number of entries from one artist.  However, the entry form will normally specify a maximum number of entries.


4.  Selection panels will vote on a majority basis to allocate works to three categories 

  • Selected, Not Selected, undecided

The panel will reconsider all those works categorised as ‘undecided’ at the end of the selection process.

Individual members of the selection panel may propose the reconsideration of previously selected or not selected works at the end of the selection process to alter the category allocated.  Changes will only be made if a majority of the panel agree with the recategorization.


5.  The panel will endeavour to select those works which are, in its opinion, the best of those entered for the exhibition in question.  Each panel is responsible for setting its own standards.


6.   Members of the selection panel, Council members or Academy staff will not enter into discussion as to why individual work or works were selected or not selected.

The use of a panel of individuals for selection means that no one member of the panel is likely to be in possession of all the reasons for each decision – nor, indeed, necessarily agreeing with every decision.


7.   The Academy will appoint all members of selection panels from those who are of suitable calibre to judge the works entered and will ensure that serious and proper consideration is given to all entries. 

A selection panel is usually comprised of Artist members of the Academy Council, the Exhibition Manager and other invited 'guest' selectors. For some exhibitions, specialist advisors will be added to selection panels and will have equal voting rights with all other members of the panel. 


8.   From time to time, the Academy Council may decide to vary the selection process for certain exhibitions, or to hand the responsibility for selection to specified individuals or groups, who do not necessarily need to be Academy members.

Selection panels will avoid bias and will at all times strive for objectivity.


click here for more information on the most common reasons artworks are not selected




The Academy Council has also approved the following guidelines for the selection of Awards:


1.   It is the responsibility of the Council to recommend to the sponsor who should receive the award(s).


2.   Award selection is trusted to Council members who are of suitable calibre and experience to select the appropriate works to receive award(s).


3.   Selection will at all times avoid bias and strive for objectivity.


4.   From time to time outside adjudicators may be invited to judge an exhibition, or to advise the selection panel.


5.   Council members do not qualify for awards.


6.   Exhibition entrants may state that they do not wish to be considered for awards.


7.   The Council reserves the right to recommend that no awards be given if the standard is not thought to be appropriate or it may recommend to the sponsor’s variations in the number or amount of the awards.


8.   Award winners are not normally eligible for further awards for work(s) in the same media until two years have elapsed.


9.   The awards are intended to encourage the production of works of a high standard form the greatest number of artists.


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