The Governor-General Award is awarded to a member of the Academy who has shown outstanding service to the Arts and the Academy over a number of years and confers life membership on the recipient.


A maximum of one award per year is permitted and it is awarded on the recommendation of the Council


Kingsley Baird, Pacific Sentinel


The Governor-General Art Award takes the form of a 28cm bronze sculpture entitled ‘Pacific Sentinel' by Kingsley Baird, an Artist Member of the Academy.


The artist states that...


"The sculpture is powerful, majestic, threatening yet graceful and yielding.


Its snakelike form is based both on nature’s and human design.


It could be the prow of a ship or an unfolding fern frond, but its shape also suggests human qualities.


The stylised tuatara on top could be the plumage of a head-dress as well as the representation of a reptile."


Fellowship of the Academy and the Governor-General Art Award has been awarded to:

2009 Jeanne Macaskill

2007 Robin Kay BA, FRSA
2006 Avis Higgs
2004 Nahleen Markham Hon
2003 Mirek Smisek OBE
2000 Philip Markham
1996 Tui McLauchlan
1994 Shona McFarlane CBE
1993 Raymond Boyce MBE Hon Lit D
1992 Dame Rangimarie Hetet BE

1991 Doreen Blumhardt CBE Hon Lit D
1990 Doris Lusk
1989 John Drawbridge MBE
1988 Roy Cowan CNZM MBE
1986 Brian Brake OBE
1985 Peter McIntyre OBE
1984 William Sutton CBE
1983 Evelyn Page


Evelyn Page - Point of Departure  
- 1958 oil 42x76cm
Evelyn Page was the only artist until recently to have had two solo exhibitions at the Academy - in 1970 and again in 1982. Point of Departure was shown in both of them.
Tui McLauchlan - On the Beach at Paraparaumu  
- oil 1995 - 60x45cm.

Tui McLauchlan, as well as the Governor-General Art Award, received a Porirua Civic Award and a special citation in the Kapiti Coast’s Annual Art Awards in 2001.
Philip Markham - Late Afternoon Lake Wanaka 
- oil 40x28cm.
Philip Markham has served on the Academy Council for a number of years including two separate terms as its President. He was instrumental in the negotiations that re-established the Academy on the waterfront.



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