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Most Academy exhibitions feature prominent New Zealand and internationally aclaimed guest Artists, recently featured artists have been...

Sir Michael Fowler


featured in the Spring Show "Emphasis on Small" 2009


Sue Newitt


Sue graduated from Otago Polytech in 1982 after completing a diploma in Fine Arts and a year on the full time ceramics course.

Her work has always been based on the wheel as she enjoys the process of throwing and putting together of the pieces at leather hard stage. Enjoying the challenge and the possibilities of these forms, Teapots, jugs and bowls are her main focus. 

A recent return to high fired reduction firing and porcelain with an emphasis on form over decoration, using simple glazes and texture which show the translucency and purity of this challenging and beautiful clay.


featured in the Spring Show "Emphasis on Small"  2009



Eugene Fanncott



featured in NUDE September 2009


Freeman White

Freeman White brings a New Zealand perspective to his search for a modern synthesis of the vision and technique that he so much admires in the great humanist painters of Holland. Freeman has rapidly built up a following of art collectors in New Zealand. Freeman’s lush paintwork and sharp draughtsmanship bring a sense of completeness to his nudes. 


featured in NUDE September 2009

Miss Mica Still

Miss Mica Still has a quite different, animal-orientated, vision to the classic nude. Her sharp contemporary paintings recall the mediaeval bestiaries in which the images of animals reflect the foibles and fears of the human world. Roll over Reynard the Fox; nothing is quite what it seems in Mica’s world of animal humans


featured in NUDE September 2009

Marianne Muggeridge

Marianne Muggeridge is well-known as a painter of what it means to be a Wellingtonian. Marianne explores who we are in terms of making us look at our surroundings and ourselves. Marianne brings to the nude her sense of the community that we are in Wellington, more so than anywhere else in New Zealand. 


featured in NUDE September 2009

Simon Morse

Simon Morse is described on the net as a ‘comic book genius’. He is another New Zealand artist better known in the USA and Japan than he is in New Zealand. A Google search for Simon Morse will introduce you to the vast international otherworld of the adult comic book. Simon’s anti-heroine


Chopper Chick is already making the collector's lists for the serious comic aficionados.


featured in NUDE September 2009

Sandro Kopp

Sandro Kopp is better known in Hollywood than in New Zealand. Sandro features in the Hollywood gossip columns as Tilda Swinton’s boyfriend. He is a formidable artist and is much in demand among the Hollywood A-list as a portrait painter. Google “Sandro Kopp” for his significant web presence as a Hollywood celebrity, in addition to his role as a painter. Sandro’s works include Ta Moko and Nude with Sunglasses.


featured in NUDE September 2009

Matt Gauldie

Matt is well known to many New Zealanders as the official Army Artist. Matt brings to the nude his particular ability to imbue the image with a sense of a person, rather than a painting. Matt’s nudes are bared in more senses than simply being naked. It is hard to come away from one of Matt’s paintings without the feeling that you have actually met the individual in the painting. 


featured in NUDE September 2009

Erik Omundsen

Erik Omundsen comes from Montana USA. He has spent 15 years with clay and studied art and architecture at Montana State University. He now lives and works at Driving Creek Railway & Potteries.

Erik digs all his own clays and fires with wood, his process of nurturing the clay into form is quite spectacular. The huge outdoor pieces have the feel of coming from an archeological site.


featured in the Summer 09: Bringing the Outside In exhibition

Sue Wickison

Internationally reknowned botanical artist Sue Wickison's style of painting is very slow and meticulous, working in the traditional watercolour discipline, capturing the details and nuances of colour in various plants.

Following a degree in Scientific Illustration, Sue spent nine years as a Botanical Illustrator with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, one of the foremost botanical institutions in the world.

Sue was especially commissioned by the New Zealand Plant Conservation Network to do a painting to be used as an annual award recognising outstanding conservation work by individuals. Sue was also awarded a gold medal in London recently for a body of work painted in the traditional botanical illustration style on the fascinating plant group Arisaema.

She is now turning her attention to some more contemporary pieces of work, including some clever double-sided watercolours with a touch of humour.


featured in the Summer 09: Bringing the Outside In exhibition

Nigel Brown

Nigel Brown has a reputation for gutsy, politically aware paintings of Aotearoa. He now lives near Riverton in Southland. He has recently been an artist fellow of Antarctica and some of his images were part of the artists to Antarctica exhibition at the New Dowse Gallery.


featured in the Winter'08 Exhibition

Barry Brickell

Barry is one of our best loved potters and sculptors, known for his amazing railway through his bush clad property in Coromandel. He featured in the Winter '08 exhibition alongside his good friend Nigel Brown, and gave an interesting talk at the exhibition on his pottery and philosophy of life.


featured in the Winter'08 Exhibition

Onlie Ong

Onlie Ong is an immigrant to New Zealand, moving here with his family 1991 from Taiwan. He was invited to exhibit at the prestigious  Fletcher Challenge Ceramic Award at the Auckland Museum. The artist comments on his use of banana imagery with their characteristic yellow on the outside and white on the inside, as a perfect analogy for second generation immigrants. “Even though they have retained their Chinese appearance, on the inside they are westernised”.

Michael O’Donnell

Michael was born in the Waikato, his workshop TARARIKI is in Paeroa, Hauraki.

He is regarded as a NZ Master Craftsman and he has been the recipient of numerous awards. H was exchange Artist in Residence in the South  Island and is presently a tutor/mentor for the Otago School of Ceramics.

Michael is regularly called upon to run summer schools and workshops, innovative Storytelling through Clay his forte.


featured in the Autumn '08 Exhibition, view more works here


Robyn Kahukiwa

Robyn featured as our guest artist in the Gala Exhibition in 2007 celebrating 125 years of the NZ Academy of Fine Arts.


Eric Heath

Greg Bloomfield

Internationally acclaimed furniture maker and craftsman Greg Bloomfield says of himself and his work; "I am a craftsman. I have this workshop next to my house, and everyday I grapple with the question of which I'd rather live in. In the workshop are many different materials - the beginning of something functional, pretty or both. People spend a lot of time looking at these things and a lot of money to buy them. I think that is great and only hope more people would like to sit at, look at, and put things in my furniture. Sometimes I am simple and sometimes I am able to transcend this state to create a three dimensional story so profound I believe 'this is it'. Normally I go to my workshop every day."


Paul Winspear

featured as Guest Artist in Solo25



Royce McGlashen



E Mervyn Taylor



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