Make at The Academy

Make at The Academy (previously known as Gallery 1) is the smallest of the three galleries with a floor space of 75 sq.m and 22 metres of display wall. It is our permanent sales gallery, dedicated to presenting and selling the works of the Academy's artists. Affordable and collectable paintings, prints, photographs, objects and jewellery are selected by the Academy's curator for sale. The resultant exhibition of works is rotated around every two months, and new works are continually added. There is always something to discover.

Open 7 days, 10am to 5pm.

T: 04-499-8807




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Contact Details

address: 1 Queens Wharf,

                Wellington, NZ  

phone: 04 499 8807


facebook : NZAFA

hours: daily 10am - 5pm

Current Events

Solo 44

5 May - 10 June 2018

Upcoming Events

Winter Exhibition

16 June - 9 July 2018

Parkin Drawing Prize

17 July - 19 August 2018

Spring Exhibition

1 September - 30 September 2018




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