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Bruce Luxford

 'Otira' oil on canvas

Bruce Luxford

Now in retirement from a career in Graphic Design I am finding myself (on a long promise) becoming a 'full time' painter with a studio & display alongside my residence in Seatoun, Wellington. I am a member of the Academy and in 2009 won the Gordon Harris Award.

 I will be presenting a set of oil paintings (on canvas) with fairly wide ranging visual content but with themes common to many. Modifying our environment through exploiting natural resources and the spread of material affluence from major urban centres to rural and coastal environments and the visual and ecological impact this is having on the landscape  is one such common theme.

As this particular direction evolves, the landscape and imposing Man made structures become metaphorical in the deliberation of the time cycles for Nature as a whole and Mankind as a resident species. There is more to it than what the 'empirical' eye sees.

 As Mark Tansey puts it: "I'm searching for pictorial functions that are based on the idea that the painted picture knows itself to be metaphorical, rhetorical, transformational, fictional".

 It may be said that the narratives have never actually occurred but it does question the assertion of there being only one manifest reality. How do different realities interact and conflict?. There can be no conflict at  the causal level, the causal just is. The multi various realities manifest in mind, so part of the painted picture's function is to evaluate different realities.

As my work is full of pictorial representation  it does invite the viewer into an opening and extending realm of content.



Phil Quinn

 'Otira' oil on canvas

Phil Quinn

Phil has had a long association with wood - furniture and cabinet making as a hobby, then turned to woodturning about eight years ago, making practical of objects such as bowls, platters, vases, pens and the like. From this Phil has widen his woodturning experience to include the application of paint, dyes, stains, pyrography (pokerwork) and texturing to turned wood and the application of other natural materials such as paua shell to embellish his domestic and art forms. Phil is now experimenting with free form sculpting and carving of wood to enable him to widen his range of created Wood Art.

Inspiration for embellished designs of wood forms have to date been largely taken from nature, (trees, leaves flowers and their vibrant colours).

The design of wood forms may come from elegant domestic shapes or borrowed from other artist’s who works in other media such as pottery, metal, and glass, for which provide ideas for translation in Phil’s style into a similar wood forms. The other source of form is direct from nature and the landscape, which he sees and being used much more in the future, in combination with natural and manmade materials.

Phil furthers his woodturning development by attending or taking part in local, national and international wood symposiums, artist collaborations and exhibitions. In recent time he has been the recipient of a number of local and national awards.

He is a member of the Kapiti Woodworkers Guild, The Guild of Woodworkers – Wellington, the American Association of Woodturners, New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, and Kapiti Art & Crafts Inc.



Beryl Buchanan

 Red Cooper Bowl - porcelain

Beryl Buchanan

I began potting in 1974 and has worked in stoneware and porcelain.  I was a foundation member of The Potters Shop which was open for 21 years.

I have exhibited at NZ Society of Potters exhibitions, Wellington Potters Assoc.  The Academy of Fine Arts and various other local exhibitions.

I really enjoy working with porcelain and the challenges that it presents and glazing in the soft green and blue celadons.




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