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130 years: A long and proud history

Autumn Exhibition 2022

I would like to acknowledge Rebecca Mooney and Emily Harris who again curated this members show, and the rest of the Exhibitions team who just got on with things with my COVID inflicted absence - Beryl Buchanan, Wendy Masters, Phil Quinn, Phillip Coker, Gail Hall and Jenny Martin. 

As always this exhibition has involved a large team of people – my special thanks to the Office staff and Front of House volunteers who took up the slack in my absence - Marc Pettie, Mandy Kaur, John Conigrave, Annette Goldsmith and Diane Atkinson.

Thank you all for your hard work.

Rob Sullivan

April 2022


To view an online copy of the Autumn Exhibition catalogue, please click here.

Autumn 2022

IMG_7659 Installation.jpg IMG_7660 Installation.jpg IMG_7661 Installation.jpg IMG_7663 Installation.jpg IMG_7669 Cover photo - Autumn.jpg IMG_7676 Cnr view.jpg IMG_7671 Wall view.jpg IMG_7678 Wall view.jpg IMG_7681 Cnr view.jpg IMG_7683 Lightspace wall view.jpg IMG_7685 Lightspace cnr view.jpg IMG_7676 Cnr view.jpg IMG_7688 Anneke Borren & others.jpg IMG_7693 Wall view.jpg IMG_7702 Wall view.jpg IMG_7706 Cnr view.jpg IMG_7709 Lightspace cnr view.jpg IMG_7714 Wall view.jpg IMG_7719 Cnr view.jpg IMG_7715 Cnr View.jpg IMG_7721 Wall view.jpg IMG_7722 Cnr view.jpg IMG_7725 Wall view.jpg IMG_7726 Wall view.jpg IMG_7728 Wall view.jpg IMG_7731 Lightspace wall view.jpg IMG_7737 Lightspace wall view.jpg IMG_7740 Wall view.jpg IMG_7744 Lightspace ceramics.jpg IMG_7753 View with Kotomi Sakabe & others.jpg IMG_7760 Wall view.jpg IMG_7764 Gallery view.jpg IMG_7765 Lightspace Cnr view.jpg