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Elected Artist Reveal - 2021


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An exhibition showing a selection of specially curated works by 10 Academy members who have been invited to Elected Artist status, an accolade within the Academy’s honours system.  Each artist has displayed a consistently high standard of work, along with support of the Academy, for a considerable period of time to achieve this recognition.  Visit now for a sneak peak to see the awarded artists’ works; painters Peter Augustin, Charlotte Hird, Tatyana Kulida, John McDonnell, Lee Russell, mosaic artist Jane Santos, Denis Slowley, George Thompson, sculptor Lynne Wakem, and jeweller Sue Shore.


Sitting along side this exhibition is another wonderful celebration by eight of the Academy’s Life Members and Fellows - some of the nation’s best contemporary artists.  Many of the works, from fine porcelain and pottery, sculpture and painting, have been lent by private collectors or are from the artists' own personal collections.  

Elected Artist Reveal - 2021

IMG_7345 Elected Installation.jpg IMG_7346 Elected Installation.jpg IMG_7350 Elected Installation.jpg IMG_7356 Elected Installation.jpg IMG_7392 Tatyana Kulida.jpg IMG_7387 Peter Augustin.jpg IMG_7396 Denis Slowley.jpg IMG_7402 John McDonnell.jpg IMG_7403 Lee Russell.jpg IMG_7409 Jane Santos.jpg IMG_7410 Charlotte Hird.jpg IMG_7413 Sue Shore.jpg IMG_7418 George Thompson.jpg IMG_7428 Lynne Wakem.jpg IMG_7437 Greg Chaston.jpg IMG_7435 Beryl Buchanan.jpg IMG_7441 Jenny Shearer.jpg IMG_7442 Suzanne Herschell.jpg IMG_7448 Wendy Masters.jpg IMG_7452 Di Conway.jpg IMG_7455 Philip Markham.jpg IMG_7459 Vivian Manthel French.jpg