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Matariki Exhibition 2022

I would like to acknowledge Rebecca Mooney and Emily Harris who again helped curate this members show. 

As always this exhibition has involved a large team of people – Thank you all for your hard work.


Special thanks to Gordon Harris, the Art & Graphic Store, for their generous donation for the Gordon Harris Award.


Rob Sullivan

June 2022


To view an online copy of the Matariki Exhibition catalogue, please click here.


Matariki 2022

IMG_7995 Installation.jpg IMG_7997 Installation.jpg IMG_7999 Installation.jpg IMG_8001 Installation.jpg IMG_8004 Judith Maxim, Out There & Bee Doughty Pratt, Gone Bush IMG_8002 Phil Quinn, Matariki - Kauri.jpg IMG_8007 Daniel McLaren, The Lido Cafe, Autumn Afternoon.jpg IMG_8011 Roger Daniell, Shetland Pony.jpg IMG_8015 Phill Dunn, Best Time of Year.jpg IMG_8018 Phil Quinn.jpg IMG_8021 Wall view - Susan Skelton & others.jpg IMG_8026 Wall view - Karen Reid & others.jpg IMG_8027 Cnr view - Rebecca Mooney & others.jpg IMG_8030 Vivian McKenna & others.jpg IMG_8047 Carol Theologo & others.jpg IMG_8100 Sebastian Schuster & others.jpg IMG_8098 Jenny Shearer.jpg IMG_8106 Bill Allen & others.jpg IMG_8113 Karen Dravitzki & others.jpg IMG_8121 Karen Smyth & others.jpg IMG_8124 Charlotte Hird & others.jpg