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NZAFA Awards Exhibition 2021



Presenting the NZAFA Awards

We’re opening a very special exhibition in LightSpace today, Friday 23 April.  The retrospective shows works by artists recognised during 2020 with the President’s, Curator’s, and Merit awards in members’ shows.

There’s also the People’s Choice work on show selected by gallery visitors during Summer 2020.
Winning artists include:


Julian van der Krogt

President’s Award - Autumn 2020 This is where you clap (Oil on canvas)

Jo Mells

President’s Award - Summer 2020 Cat nap (Oil on canvas)

Trevour Pye

Curator’s Award - Autumn 2020 Larger than Still Life (Oil on canvas)

Gabrielle Ridgway Evans

Merit Award - Autumn 2020 Signum (Multimedia)

Kotomi Sakabe

Curator’s Award and People’s Choice Award - Summer 2020 Man and dog (Pencil & pastel)

John Yeatman

Merit Award - Autumn 2020 Derelict House (Acrylic  on canvas)


Click on any of the above artists names to download a copy of their Artist Statements


NZAFA Awards 2021

IMG_6476 John Yeatman.jpg IMG_6485 Julian van der Krogt.jpg IMG_6483 Kotami Sakabe.jpg IMG_6479 Gabrielle Ridgway Evans V2.jpg IMG_6531 Trevor Pye.jpg IMG_6530 Jo Mells.jpg