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Solo 49

The Academy is pleased to present SOLO 49, the first solo exhibition for 2021.  The exhibition’s curator and Academy President, Greg Chaston, comments  “This solo features 16 artists of many genres and is arguably the largest solo event we have had at the Academy, and includes established artists and new artists that bravely represent the first exhibition of their work to the public.”


Greg's full comments are  as follows;


The Academy is pleased to present SOLO 49, the first solo exhibition for 2021.

This solo features 16 artists of many genres and is arguably the largest solo event we have had at the Academy and includes established artists and new  artists that bravely represent the first exhibition of their work to the public.

From Mary Amour’s wonderfully pictorial ancient work to Julian’s demanding and progressive canvases the exhibition moves onto Tania’s sprawling colourful work.

Alec MacDonald’s precise work leads into Micheline’s magnificent abstracts with Jan Cormack’s interesting stone paintings rounding out the small 
gallery space.

Sarah Albisser’s black and white continuous line drawings are well complimented by smaller abstracts while next door Elisabeth’s intelligent, historical and beautiful paintings are encased in old frames that totally respect the works they are holding. Ben’s large sculpture in the middle of the Gallery is sure to evoke discussion with Chris Dunn’s creative ceramics sprawling around the wall to welcome Ben’s work. 

Greg Chaston has something to say about Colonialism with his stark charcoal works and Emily Harris’s abtracts give a modern feel to the end of the Main Gallery. Susan Dunster and Di Connal lead us down into LightSpace Gallery to Mark Curtis and his refreshing witty take on the isolation and effects of Covid with Tatyana Kulida’s paintings giving a majestic and beautifully executed glimpse into oil painting to complete the Solo 49.



Greg Chaston


To view an online copy of the Solo 49 Exhibition catalogue, please click here.


Solo 49

IMG_5603 Mary Amour.jpg IMG_5609 Julian van der Krogt.jpg IMG_5612 Tania Dally.jpg IMG_5618 Micheline Robinson.jpg IMG_5624 Alec MacDonald.jpg IMG_5631 Jan Cormack.jpg IMG_5634 Sarah Albisser.jpg IMG_5636 Elisabeth Vullings.jpg IMG_5641 Chris Dunn.jpg IMG_5644 Emily Harris.jpg IMG_5649 Greg Chaston.jpg IMG_5653 Ben Spearman.jpg IMG_5654 Susan Dunster.jpg IMG_5664 Diane Connal.jpg IMG_5671 Mark Curtis.jpg IMG_5679 Tatyana Kulida.jpg IMG_5708 Mary Amour.jpg IMG_5710 Julian van der Krogt.jpg IMG_5712 Tania Dally.jpg IMG_5727 Sarah Albisser.jpg IMG_5730 Elisabeth Vullings.jpg IMG_5766 Tatyana Kulida.jpg IMG_5768 Ben Shearman.jpg IMG_5719 Micheline Robinson.jpg IMG_5721 Jan Cormack.jpg IMG_5735 Emily Harris.jpg IMG_5740 Susan Dunster.jpg IMG_5742 Diane Connal.jpg IMG_5745 Mark Curtis.jpg IMG_5759 Chris Dunn.jpg IMG_5773 Greg Chaston.jpg IMG_5792 Alec MacDonald.jpg IMG_5746 Mark Curtis.jpg IMG_5725 Jan Cormack.jpg IMG_5775 Susan Dunster.jpg IMG_5778 Diane Connal.jpg IMG_5780 Greg Chaston.jpg IMG_5782 Chris Dunn.jpg IMG_5788 Micheline Robinson.jpg IMG_5791 Alec MacDonald.jpg IMG_5817 Emily Harris.jpg IMG_5728 Sarah Albisser.jpg IMG_5737 Mary Amour.jpg IMG_5761 Elisabeth Vullings.jpg IMG_5776 Tatyana Kulida.jpg IMG_5800 Tania Dally.jpg IMG_5806 Ben Shearman.jpg IMG_5821 Julian van der Krogt.jpg IMG_5784 Sarah Albisser.jpg IMG_5753 Tatyana Kulida.jpg IMG_5796 Tania Dally.jpg IMG_5802 Elisabeth Vullings.jpg IMG_5816 Ben Shearman.jpg IMG_5820 Julian van der Krogt.jpg IMG_5837 Mary Amour.jpg IMG_5848 Ben Shearman.jpg IMG_5733 Emily Harris.jpg IMG_5749 Mark Curtis.jpg IMG_5754 Greg Chaston.jpg IMG_5756 Chris Dunn.jpg IMG_5762 Alex McDonald.jpg IMG_5786 Jan Cormack.jpg IMG_5840 Diane Connal.jpg IMG_5842 Susan Dunster.jpg IMG_5846 Micheline Robinson.jpg