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130 years: A long and proud history

This year the NZ Academy of Fine Arts has reached a milestone - the 50th ‘SOLO’ show since our first ‘Going Solo’ in 1993. SOLO 50 shows the works of 12 selected artists.

To make this special anniversary exhibition something special, we have included a couple of special features. Included are two of the original participants in the very first ‘Going Solo’ in 1993, well known artists Vivian Manthel-French and Peter Coates. Peter and Vivian have recently painted together - a lovely sunny day in Peter’s garden. The results of this weekend are showcased in the gallery - the process from a sketch, to a black and white proof and the final finished work.

We’re also very pleased to have works by two other highly respected artists, both Fellows of the Academy and recipients of the Governor-General Art Award, Philip Markham (2000) and Michael Browne (2017).

The Solo concept has traditionally been a mechanism to showcase established and emerging artists, as well as special invited guests. Completing the line up are George Arevshatov, Helen Casey, Jason Fastier, Charlotte Hird, Tatyana Kulida, Sue Shore, Alan Skates, and Miranda Woollett.

As always this exhibition has involved a large team of people – my special thanks to the Exhibitions team. Thank you all for your hard work.


Rob Sullivan


To view an online copy of the Solo 50 Exhibition catalogue, please click here.


Solo 50 2022

IMG_7802 Installation.jpg IMG_7826 Michael Browne.jpg IMG_7835 Philip Markham.jpg IMG_7841 Miranda Woollett.jpg IMG_7870 George Arevshatov.jpg IMG_7874 Jason Fastier.jpg IMG_7877 Tatyana Kulida.jpg IMG_7888 Alan Skates.jpg IMG_7901 Sue Shore.jpg IMG_7904 Helen Casey.jpg IMG_7911 Vivian Manthel-French.jpg IMG_7913 Peter Coates.jpg IMG_7919 Charlotte Hird.jpg IMG_7832 Philip Markham.jpg IMG_7872 George Arevshatov.jpg IMG_7876 Jason Fastier.jpg IMG_7881 Tatyana Kulida.jpg IMG_7886 Alan Skates.jpg IMG_7899 Sue Shore.jpg IMG_7903 Helen Casey.jpg IMG_7925 Michael Browne.jpg IMG_7929 Vivian Manthel-French.jpg IMG_7933 Charlotte Hird.jpg IMG_7941 Peter Coates.jpg IMG_7963 Peter Coates.jpg IMG_7966 Miranda Woollett.jpg IMG_7884 Michael Brown.jpg IMG_7885 Gallery view.jpg IMG_7897 Cover photo.jpg IMG_7971 Alan Skates.jpg IMG_7973 Sue Shore.jpg IMG_7975 Helen Casey.jpg IMG_7978 Tatyana Kulida.jpg IMG_7979 Philip Markham.jpg IMG_7797 Installation.jpg IMG_7803 Installation.jpg IMG_7811 Installation.jpg IMG_7812 Installation.jpg IMG_7813 Installation.jpg IMG_7814 Cover photo.jpg IMG_7855 Peter Coates  Vivian Manthel-French.jpg IMG_7816 Jason Fastier.jpg IMG_7817 Tatyana Kulida.jpg IMG_7819 Philip Markham.jpg IMG_7821 Michael Browne.jpg IMG_7842 Miranda Woollett.jpg IMG_7848 Vivian Manthel-French.jpg IMG_7850 Peter Coates.jpg IMG_7856 Charlotte Hird.jpg IMG_7861 Sue Shore.jpg IMG_7864 Helen Casey.jpg IMG_7866 George Arevshatov.jpg IMG_7890 Alan Skates.jpg