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Summer Exhibition 2020


The Summer exhibition in the main gallery is showcasing works by members with over 200 selected works on show. There’s something for everyone - paintings of all styles and genres, ceramics, sculptures, fabrics, and bronzes. 


This show was curated by Suzanne Herschell, Artist and Life member of the Academy. Her Curators comments are as follows;


This final exhibition of 2020 defies a cataclysmic year with its entrance welcoming you to the vibrancy of summer. Warmth and optimism continue into the amazing NZ Academy gallery spaces presenting exceptional works across the media spectrum from our members, celebrating creativity, extraordinary talent and exuberance even during a challenging time for the arts. 

It is an awesome spectacle of individual development and investigation of new concepts extending imaginative boundaries. From the spontaneous or exploratory ventures to the meticulously rendered or crafted three dimensional works, the visual experiences are inspiring at every turn and corner of the gallery. Traditionalists too will be captivated by beautifully executed watercolours and stunning landscapes. There are offerings to intrigue and engage everyone.

Congratulations to the artists who personally excelled and made this Summer Exhibition shine.

Special thanks to Rob for valuable collaboration, and to Phil and Arthur for installation magic. It takes a team to deliver this array for you the viewer. Enjoy the triumphant artistic expressions!


Suzanne Herschell

November 2020





Summer 2020 - Photo Gallery

IMG_5248 Gallery view.jpg IMG_5269 Summer.jpg IMG_5264 Summer.jpg IMG_5276 Summer.jpg IMG_5294 Summer.jpg IMG_5259 Arthur Vaughan award.jpg IMG_5261 Gabrielle Ridgeway Evans award.jpg IMG_5372 Jo Mells award.jpg IMG_5287 Amanda Chapman & others.jpg IMG_5273 Tania Dally & others.jpg IMG_5309 Wilma Sherwin & others.jpg IMG_5318 Cnr group.jpg IMG_5328 Lynne Wakem.jpg IMG_5337 Summer.jpg IMG_5429 Lindsay Blakeley.jpg IMG_5410 Tania Dally.jpg IMG_5433 Trevor Pye.jpg IMG_5439 Michelle Freeborn.jpg IMG_5442 David Owen.jpg IMG_5469 Judi Lapsley Miller.jpg IMG_5473 Di Conway.jpg IMG_5477 Chris Dunn.jpg IMG_5283 Peter Augustin.jpg IMG_5297 Peter Coates & Donald Woolford.jpg IMG_5426 Christine Winbush.jpg IMG_5447 Jan Cormack.jpg IMG_5462 Nicki Manthell.jpg IMG_5465 Bill MacCormick.jpg IMG_5472 Dale Martin.jpg IMG_5478 Jane Santos & others.jpg IMG_5302 Ursula Macfarlane & Diana Treeborn.jpg IMG_5331 Roger Hayman.jpg IMG_5334 Roger Daniell.jpg IMG_5406 George Thompson.jpg IMG_5409 Paula McNeill.jpg IMG_5436 Karen Reid.jpg IMG_5445 Charlotte Hird.jpg IMG_5468 Gabrielle Ridgway Evans & other.jpg IMG_5490 Phil Dickson & Graeme Calcott.jpg IMG_5487 John Hamlin & Wayne Newman.jpg IMG_5494 Robyn Newth & others.jpg IMG_5499 Annette Straugher & others.jpg IMG_5501 Claire Clark & others.jpg IMG_5502 Suzanne Herschell & others.jpg IMG_5511 John Yeatman & others.jpg IMG_5516 Fran Zukowski & others.jpg IMG_5413 Paul Deacon.jpg IMG_5437 Emily Harris & other.jpg IMG_5456 Diane Toscano.jpg IMG_5458 Raewyn Green.jpg IMG_5459 Carol Theologo.jpg IMG_5483 Zoe Cromwell.jpg IMG_5507 Romuald Rudzki.jpg IMG_5519 Anne Taylor & other.jpg IMG_5452 Amanda Chapman.jpg IMG_5496 Maureen Kelly.jpg IMG_5518 Cnr view.jpg IMG_5524 Christine Winbush.jpg IMG_5529 Jo Tricker.jpg IMG_5532 Ric Brown.jpg IMG_5536 Alan Skates.jpg IMG_5565 Karin Barr.jpg