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130 years: A long and proud history

Whakahoa - Friends of the Academy

An exhibition that has just opened which was conceived to present works by friends of the Academy – organisations and societies with whom we have an ongoing or historical relationship.  

We’re pleased to welcome and showcase works by talented members of:-

  • Watercolour New Zealand
  • Wellington Art Club
  • The Learning Connexion
  • Sarah Brock Art.Space
  • Inverlochy Art School
  • Wellington Potters’ Association

This group exhibition shows established and emerging artists practicing all styles and genres.  There’s a wonderful array of paintings, beautiful handcrafted jewellery, cast glass, and an extensive range of pots from the contemporary to the traditional.


IMG_7559 Installation.jpg IMG_7566 Installation.jpg IMG_7567 Installation.jpg IMG_7568 Installation.jpg IMG_7597 Potters.jpg IMG_7592 Learning Connexion.jpg IMG_7600 art space.jpg IMG_7572 Watercolour.jpg IMG_7576 Art Club.jpg IMG_7589 Inverlochy.jpg IMG_7585 Potters.jpg IMG_7573 Watercolour.jpg IMG_7587 art space.jpg IMG_7614 Art Club.jpg IMG_7616 Learning Connexion.jpg IMG_7619 Inverlochy.jpg IMG_7599 Potters.jpg IMG_7611 art space.jpg IMG_7618 Cheryl Corrado.jpg IMG_7627 Watercolours.jpg IMG_7635 Art Club.jpg IMG_7641 Learning Connexion.jpg IMG_7642 Vicky Millman.jpg IMG_7643 Paula Tarrant.jpg IMG_7639 Art Club.jpg IMG_7589 Inverlochy.jpg IMG_7648 Watercolours.jpg IMG_7649 The Learning Connexion.jpg IMG_7651 Art Space.jpg IMG_7658 Pottery.jpg