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Winter Exhibition 2021

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There’s little that’s wintery about this vibrant Winter Exhibition. Among recognisable Academy member offerings there’s a sizeable submission by a growing group of artists new to the NZAFA and an associated injection of alternative vision that’s particularly stimulating.

The creative hand and voice is apparent, bringing the quite wonderful walls of this special venue alive with exciting works seeking the viewer’s eye. Mine was certainly captured by the stunning and aspirational art of Doreen McNeill, David Owen, Kim Beachen, Peter Augustin, Lee Russell, Joanne Mahoney and Sebastian Schuster, each contributing to depth and diversity across a variety of media. I am in awe of these and many other commendable pieces too numerous to mention, interspersed with three-dimensional gems.

Each turn of the exhibition brings another perspective in its collective dialogue, tantalising the senses with artworks for every taste.
Curation was rather generous, rewarding fledgling artists with an opportunity to exhibit their work and encouragement to develop further.
As for all Members’ Exhibitions, this one is the culmination of dedicated input by volunteers possessing extraordinary skills. I’m indebted to the installation team and my collaborator Rob whose role has grown exponentially.

Immerse yourself in the expressions and energy of heroic artists from around New Zealand. Support these creatives emerging from their studios and solo endeavours to contribute to such a heart-warming Winter Exhibition of talent for your appreciation and enjoyment.


Suzanne Herschell
June 2021

Exhibition Award Winners

Each members exhibition has two major awards presented; The President's Award, and The Curator's Award. Where appropriate Merit Awards can also be considered.


The President's Award was judged by Jenny Shearer, past NZAFA President.


The winner of the award is David Owen "The Lemon Tree”  

IMG_6712 David Owen & others.jpg

The Merit Award selected by Jenny Shearer, past NZAFA President.


The winner of the award is  Doreen McNeill "Floating"

IMG_6717 Doreen McNeil.jpg

The Curator's Award is judged by Suzanne Herschell, Life member of NZAFA.


The winner of the award is Sebastian Schuster "Love Covers Everything"

IMG_6709 Sebastian Schuster & Emily Harris.jpg

The Merit Award selected by Suzanne Herschell, Life member of NZAFA.


The winner of the award is Peter Augustin "Metamorphis of Seasons"

IMG_6704 Peter Augustin.jpg

Winter Exhibition 2021

IMG_6690 Installation.jpg IMG_6689 Installation.jpg IMG_6691 Installation.jpg IMG_6697 Installation.jpg IMG_6695 Installation.jpg IMG_6702 Cover photo.jpg IMG_6704 Peter Augustin.jpg IMG_6709 Sebastian Schuster & Emily Harris.jpg IMG_6712 David Owen & others.jpg IMG_6718 Cnr view.jpg IMG_6723 Cnr view.jpg IMG_6717 Doreen McNeil.jpg IMG_6728 Wall view.jpg IMG_6736 Cnr view.jpg IMG_6732 Jane Santos & others.jpg IMG_6742 Gallery view.jpg IMG_6747 Peter Coolbear cnr.jpg IMG_6753 Wall view.jpg IMG_6750 Brian Connor & others.jpg IMG_6768 Suzanne Herschell & others.jpg IMG_6734 Peter Coates & others.jpg IMG_6724 Gabrielle Ridgway Evans & others.jpg IMG_6737 Cnr View.jpg IMG_6739 Ceramics view.jpg IMG_6751 Natalia Vidyakina & other.jpg IMG_6760 Wall view.jpg IMG_6758 Wall view.jpg IMG_6779 Lee Robinson.jpg IMG_6777 Andrea Robinson.jpg IMG_6785 Lynne Wakem.jpg IMG_6783 Chris Dunn & others.jpg IMG_6791 Annex cnr view.jpg IMG_6801 Vivian McKenna & other.jpg IMG_6775 Bill Allan.jpg IMG_6796 Ric Brown.jpg IMG_6803 Wall view.jpg IMG_6809 Wall view.jpg IMG_6810 Cnr view.jpg